European Union VAT

From July 1, 2021, for commodity purchased from and delivered to the destination located in the European Union (EU), VAT has not been included in its selling price but shows VAT when check out. will declare and pay VAT in accordance with relevant policies and requirements. For more details, please visit the official website of the European Union.


Q: What is the official reference regarding VAT, taxes and customs from the European Union?

A:You can find more details about VAT, taxation and customs on the official website of the European Union, please click on the link:


Q: What is VAT? Why do I have to pay VAT?

A:The Value Added Tax, or VAT, in the European Union is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. It is borne ultimately by the final consumer and is charged as a percentage of price, including transportation fees and any other services included in the sale. To learn more about EU VAT, please click on the link:


Q:How is VAT calculated? What is the VAT rate applicable in my country?

A:The VAT is often levied based on the price (considering both goods and shipping fees) at the applicable VAT rate. The VAT rate varies depending upon the type of commodities purchased in the final destination country/place. The standard VAT rate in the EU ranges from 17% to 27%, and some countries offer reduced rate applicable to certain types of commodities.

The applicable VAT rate can be found here:

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