Size Chart


We never want to send you something that doesn't fit properly. Please use these size charts to help determine your size. When choose size, please refer to the detailed information of every item. Any sizing problem, please contact our customer service department.

Note: It is better to let us know your height, weight , bust, waistline ,hipline when you place the order . We will be according to your measurement to suggest you the best size.

How to Measure

To choose the correct size for you measure your body as follows.

How To Measure Pants size:

How To Measure Feet size:

a) To ensure your shoes fits your feet well, please 
      compareyour feet measurement to our shoes size  
      chart  carefully before you choosing your shoes size.

b) Please carefully according to right photo to  
    measurement right size for your feet 
    ( foot width and foot length).  


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